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Hello All, I have been given this medication, for my Sjogrens , is any one taking this ? and can they give me some info on it, side effects, ect please thankyou. regards june
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Hi June B,

I keep this website on as one of my favorites. Any drug i am given or I'm curious about you can find in here,3915,551473|Salagen%2BTablets|575,00.html

Good luck
Many thanks Sadie, i also have added this to my favorites!:) regards june
Hi JuneB,
Yes I've taken Salagen and its generic Pilocarpine for years. It truly helps with the dry mouth. However if you must watch your dosing, if you take more than your recommended dose (forgot if you took it, and take another one) you can end up sweating profusely. At least I did. The medication really helps keep the mouth moiste which can help avoid dental problems. This was the only side effect I noticed in 4 yrs.
Hope this helps.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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