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And no it's not the name of a film :lol:

I don't know about you but I hate when my inbox gets full as I don't like to delete messages. With brain fog sometimes I forget what someone has said and it annoys the heck out of me. To date I have been copying them to a word file as I'd hate to offend anyone by asking something they've already told me.

Stop rambling Loopy and explain.....

Within the Private Message facility there is an option at the bottom which I've shown below.

View attachment 157

The best option is to save it as text - I did it and it works great. If you don't have Microsoft Word or similar then the messages will save to a text file at a location of your choice. Then you can delete your inbox and start again!

Saving as XML includes all the internet coding stuff and messes it up.
Saving as CSV (Comma seperated version) runs it all together and isn't nice.

You learn something new everyday and I am so excited. :excited: :yahoo: :dancing:


Pam xxx

P.S. If this is something that I'm the last person to find out about then....umm....sorry :doh: :bashhead:


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I know what you mean about not able to remember what people say in there pm,s.I figured it all out just recently to :lol: It was like wow a light bulb turned on all of a sudden :rotfl: .Thank you for letting us know how to do that because i am sure there is a few people that do not know how to do that especially the new memebers.Hope all is well with you pam.

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