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Saw yet another doctor...but it may be good news.

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So, my allergist/angioedema specialist retired this year and I had to find a General practitioner. I went to a local guy and told him all my symptoms...all my conditions and low and behold he had an answer.

It seems that my joint pain in my back is possibly being caused by Inflammation of my Central nervous system. It seems that the allergic reaction were not only in my skin and organs but my central nervous system. But nothing I am on was he is trying Lyrica on me. And the first day I noticed a huge difference. I never realized how much pain I was actually in till I took this medicine.

He is still running more tests to make sure it is nothing else.

I just wanted to relate my good news.:rotfl:
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Finding something to help your pain is great news! It's also great to find out that you can actually feel pretty darned good!
Hi there,

Well that is good news indeed! Isn't it nice when we can find some answers :)

I was under the impression that lyrica needed to be in the system longer to actually have an effect though I don't really know as my neuro did once want me to try it on an "as needed" basis but that didn't work for me at all so I didn't continue, especially as it is not reimbursed here.

I hope you continue to find relief and I am glad he is also following up with tests and being thorough.

Dear Lunajen,
I am cautiously optimistic for you. Getting pain relief is a huge help.
x Lola
Thanks for all the support....I still feel little pain but it has lessened and I feel so much better.

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