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scalded skin,another question,sorry!

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I've noticed that before my period everything is worse,like others.I am in a lot of pain with my joints.What I want to ask about is my skin,though.I've always had eczema,but this is not like any eczema I've known.Just above my wrists to my fingertips the skin is bright red,like my hands have been scalded,and it is very sore.I'm not fretting but I just wondered if anyone else has this and knows what's going on.There are a lot of knowledgable people on here!
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I am so sorry about your hands. I cannot help you, but wanted you to know that I do think our symptoms do get worse around our menses. I would take a picture and post if you can on here and you may want to call your dr. and just let them know.

Take Care,
:) Hi Julsi, All I can say is that anytime I have any skin or nail problem, I quickly go to my Dermy. He is excellant, and don't forget>>skin is all he does, it is his speciality.
That is why I go, and I have never been sorry, if it is a
skin prob. I hope that you know one and try it. If not, you should tell your Rheumy at your next appt. All the best.:wink2:

I have eczema on my elbows really bad & now have it on the top of my ankle as well. My skin is really scaled right now. This happens to me when it is cold. I try to keep hydrated as possible and use a product called vanicream .. Hope this helps
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