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I also get sores in my head and have no idea why. I initially thought they were from basic clogged pores in the scalp and I suppose they could be. I do not use alot of hair products, much to the dismay of my hairdresser. I normally have one or two at a time and always have to tell my hair dresser that I have them. Of course after seeing the same person for over four years, she is quite used to this problem of mine.

As for the achy feet, I also have to agree. I can go for days with no pain and then all of a sudden there they are. It makes it very difficult to walk as it feels like needles or glass fragments poking me in the bottom of my feet. Sometimes in the middle of the night it will wake me up, especially when the sheet or blankets rubs the bottom of my feet. I take Lyrica as well as Flexeril and that has helped alot.

If you haven't spoke to your physician about these problems, then it would be very important to discuss it with him. One other thing to consider is if you are diabetic, then the foot issue can be a mre serious issue.

Good Luck
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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