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I am not diagnosed with anything just yet, but I am looking for someone to help me figure out what is going on with me and my abnormal blood tests (ANA, ds-DNA and RNP) and symptoms. The tests have been run by my primary care doc, but I need to be seen by someone else to better help me and give me more specifics.

I am in SE Michigan (Detroit area) and looking for some doctor suggestions. I am not opposed to a little drive for a good doctor. Please, feel free to post here or pm me. I would appreciate any/all advice.

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I am not in your area, but a good general suggestion is to go to a teaching hospital or university hospital. They are usually very up-to-date on interpreting blood tests and conditions, and often you will get a team approach there with a few minds working on your case.

You may also want to contact the Lupus Foundation of America to see if they have any good suggestions.
Thanks, I will look into that too! :thumbs:
Hi, I am from the Windsor area across the river from you and I drive all the way to Toronto for a good doctor. I agree with Maia a teaching hospital is the best.
looking for a physician

When I found myself in need of a new rheumatologist, I did the following:
I took a piece of notebook paper, and made two columns. On one I wrote down the qualities that I bring to a doctor, ie: I keep my appointments, I don't abuse my medications, I don't call with unnecessary issues, that sort of thing.
On the other, what I needed from a doctor. ie: when I call with a question, or health problem, I need to be listened to, if I say that something is urgent, then please treat it as such, if I am worried about a symptom, please bear in mind I don't call unless there is a problem. I also need a doctor who will work as a member of a team, not just for his own practice, but to work with all my health providers. This last was crucial for me. If I have one physician who does not think he/she needs to be a member of a team then what that physician can add to the benefit of us all, makes everything that the rest share less beneficial.

Then, I called the doctor I was considering. When he called back, I explained that I was looking for a new doctor. I went thru both sides of my list, and at the end, asked if he thought we could work together. After consideration, he said that would work for him as well as myself. I have now been with this doctor for 16+ years and it has worked out well for both of us. It took him by surprise to be interviewed, but was a good move as it put everything out in the open. He has since joked that it was the only time he was interviewed to be a provider, and has enabled both of us to have everything out in the open from the beginning.

Hopefully this will help you to identify what you need from your team of physicians and help all of you to gain the most you can together.
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I can't believe with a positive ds-DNA that your primary doc isn't taking it more seriously.

University of Michigan.I must add that I know of no one that has gone there, so I know nothing about the doctors there, but I know it is not to far from Detroit, I believe. seems they have a collabrotive (spelling?:lol:) doctor approach to treating lupus.

google university of michigan lupus

Northwestern in Chicago seems to be up on all the research.

If I end up going to either of these two locations, I will let you know. Like you, I'm trying to get doctors to take my blood tests coupled with my ongoing illness seriously as possible lupus or similar condition.
Lily80 you took the words right out of my mouth.

I think the doctor should have taken the results more seriously.:mad:

A good indication that a new doctor is needed for sure.:eek:
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