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Seeing Neurologist next week

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Hi All,

I hope everyne is ding aswell as they can be at the moment
I have not been around for a while, my pc had to be repaired and before that I had been checking in really regularly but just finding it hard to post cause I felt so bad I didn't want ot end up bringing anyone else down.
I am still really down my metho went up about 6 weeks ago to its maxium of 20 mg and I have still had none of the benefits I was hoping for from it.
It has helped wth ulcers and the swelling in my hands a bt and some of the other symptoms but I am stilll suffering really dibilitating joint problems and terrible pain.

I saw my rheumy last week who has advised that I start azathriopine and put me back another month course of steroids going from 40mg to 0. I think that as I was a bit down before I started this course of pred that it really has sent me down to almost rock bottom. I have maintained a really positive attitude as best I can since I was diagnosed despite losing a large part of my moblility and suffering all the pain and not getting any rest. But it is just hard to pick myself up at the moment.

The next thing is I am seeing a neuro on the 9th Feb. This is to see if there is somrthing going on with the brain. I have had blurred vision and optician and opthamologist can find no cause, memory probs, confusion, feeling disorientated. I have had terrible pain aswell around my head nad eyes, I feel like I do not have the same strehngth in my legs and don't know if thats related. My gp suggested that there could be soe damage to the neural pathways between the eyes and the brain andthat may be whats causing the visual problem.

Not sure if its the diabetes, mctd, whether I could have hashimotos encephalopathy as when I aw my endocrinologist he suggetsed this as a possiblilty. Or is there going to be something else going on. I did have a brain MRI scan a few months back which was normal, which is reasuring ofcourse.

I becoming quite scared about MS hitting me at some point as I am high risk now with all the autoimmune problems I have and I have also had 2 fatalities in my family form it.

Oh sorry for rambling and moaning, I am just not looking for to the tests and just the whole thing really of potentially being diagnosed with somethings else.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone else who has experienced any of the above with any of the above conditions.

Take Care All

Cassie :)
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Hi Lazy legs,
thanks, I just looked mononeuritis multiplex and it did say that it is commonly associated with diabtes mellitis, and other autoimmune disease ofcourse.

It is very interesting to hear about your symtoms aswell, willl just have to wait and see what they come up with!!

Thanks very much.

Take Care

Cassie :)
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