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Seen rhuemy!!!!

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Hi All,
I seen the rhuemy again after 18 months of being rhuemy free :lol:. He said that at this point all labs works looked the same as last test. To me that is good news. I did share with him the wonderful facts of living with lupus everyday and he smiled and said let's start getting things at a more controlled level of life :rotfl:. I also told him about the thigh fire that has so nicely joined me a couple of time in the past few weeks :eek:. He had a puzzled look on his face and said it sound like nerve problem and we would be looking into this problem since it is waking me up in tears and screaming. He ordered x-rays of my right knee, right shoulder, and spine. He also said that the swelling is not under control and is going to talk with my gp about all of that so they can develope a way to get it under control as he feels that is the reason for the short breath. He did add a new pain pills as he asked how the pain was with the mobic and ultram. Since my answer was in the morning not to bad and at bed time ok. The new pill knocks me on my bottom and out for the count for at least 6 hours. Many would be glad to sleep for 6 hours but it has turned my life upside down as less energy than before. Maybe I have been this tired all along and due to the pain was over looking the fatigue, the big time fatigue. Well that is the news for now and x-rays come back maybe Monday. He is looking at the ra and bone spur as both have been bad lately. He did ask if I was able to see a chiro yet. Of course the answer was no. He said I would feel better if I was able to get the knots out of my back :rotfl:. He is also looking at the rib cage as that seems very sore here lately. He is not ruling out fibro yet he said. He was glad to hear that the rash was not there for this visit as he has been worried that I would be flaring all the time without the plaqs. It was a different rhuemy but had the same name as the one I was seeing 18 months ago :hehe:. He was very concerned this time and very helpfull.
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HI Tammy,
I sounds like your appt was really positive for you.
Sorry that still having problems but atleast your doc is taking everything on baord and taking the appropriate action.

Good Luck

Take Care

Cassie :)
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