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Self Evaluation of Symptoms

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This is part of the web site of the UK NHS ( National Health Service), a complement to our Direct Line for telephone health enquiries. It asks a simple series of questions about a symptom, eg 'chest pain', to help you decide if your condition merits emergency treatment. The questions also make you aware of what to mention to your doctor that you might not have thought much about, such as sensations of tingling or numbness.

Most of this site is UK specific but some sections are of general interest

Look for the 'Self Help Guide' There's also a handy list for basic descriptions of illnesses and diseases. I found lupus in the skin section but haven't located it yet anywhere else, not in the ' joints' category for example.



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Thanks for posting that Clare. Its a handy little reference:)

I also found Lupus under Muscles, Joint and bones when you search by subject.

You get the same link when you look under A-Z and look under S for SLE

Luv n stuff
Thanks Joan :) for that closer look.
I am glad lupus is there.
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