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Hi all,

About 17 days ago I started with fluid on both knees. There was no pain. I saw my rheumy about this last week and he sent me for lots of blood tests to do which I am still waiting for results. I have had blood in urine and red casts a couple of months back but they seem to come and go of their own accord. Blood kidney function was normal in last tests a month ago. I have now swelled so much in my knees and lower legs that I cannot walk. There is not pain as such just very uncomfortable. My rheumy is in Lisbon which is a great distance for me so in the interim I saw my local doctor who said it was normal due to the hot weather and "lupus is a severe disease" . However is it really normal to have so much fluid? I also have a dry cough which he said was an allergy??!! I am trying to get my rheumy on the phone but would appreciate any advice in the interim.
Victoria x

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Hi Victoria,

I am not a doctor and I am only going by what has happened to me.

On mother's day this year my right foot swelled up. I called the hospital and they said to get my foot up in a recliner and put a pillow under it. I saw the doctor the next day. He ran a bunch of labs to check everything out. Heart, kidney etc.

I really think you need to get to an ER. That much fluid retention is not normal. Please take care of yourself and stay off of your legs if possible.
Please keep us posted on how you are.
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