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Severe pain

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Hi everyone,
I am in so much pain today. I just need some support. I left work and went to emergency room today with pain between shoulder blades, chest pain, and my face went numb on left side, also had pain in left ear. My lower back is killing me. I thought I was having a heart attack. Thank God it wasn't my heart! Just that famous old chostochondritis again. But this time its alot worse. Doctor gave me a shot of tramadol and gave me a precription of muscle relaxers. I'm still in alot of pain. He also put me out of work tomorrow. Thank God! I'm a mechanic and have to do alot of physical work and its killing me. I put in 110 hours in two weeks, probably what set my lupus and fibro off. I am on plaquenil, celebrex, flexeril, and ultram. But the pain won't let up tonight. Just needed to vent!! :sad: Been really depressed, trying to fight off pain and work. Anyone else have this costochondritis and what did you take for it? I would appreciate any help I can get.
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((((((((((((((Diane))))))))))))) I'm sorry you are in such a bad way right now :( No doubt those working hours have contributed :eek: that's a big ask for any body, let along a lupus body :(

I can't really help with any suggestions regarding costochondritis except besides what you are already taking and rest with a capital R. I know that may not be possible but by the sound of it you might have to try and get some time off work if possible? Give your body time to recover a little.

sending gentle hugs in the hope that you are feeling a little better tomorrow.

Hi Lily,
Thank you so much for your hugs. I am feeling a little better today. The muscle relaxers have finally started working. I'm supposed to go back to work tomorrow but if i'm not feeling any better, I might try to see my rheumatologist and get another shot. Rest is definitely something I need right now. I've been pushing myself way too much. Thank you for caring.:hug: Diane
Hi there, I don't know what that costo thing is, and I wish that I could take your
pain away from you, but I can't . But I do want to ask , Are you taking aaanything for sleep? If you aren't ,you should be. Please ask your Rheumy, and try to rest moooooor. Be well, smile.

I am absolutley horrified by the number of hours you have put in recently - too right you need to rest!

Please stop pushing. Take tablets. Have warm bubbly soak with glass of something good. Pick fluff from belly button. Plump up the pillows. Get the remote. Lie down. File fingernails. Buff a thumb or something, but please

SSSstooooooppppp over working!

Flipping heck, missis!

Hope you feel better really soon and get a bit more sick time.

You end up a creekygoodness, never mind a greek goddess.
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Hi Alwin,
Thanks for all your support. You are so right!! I always try to overdo and have to pay for it later. I'm going back to work tomorrow but I'm just going to work 8 hours and take the weekend off and recooperate. This really put a scare in me. Sometimes I forget about my illness but it always creeps up on me. I need to stop worrying about everyone else and take care of me. :hug: Diane

You are right, stop worrying about others and put yourself first.

Hope today finds you better.

This weekend calls for rest, relaxation and maybe a nice long bubble bath followed by a Chocolate Mint Martini...:wink2::rotfl:
Gosh I hope you start feeling better soon!!:fingers: I definately agree with everyone in regards to your work schedule, it sounds like your body is trying to tell you something!! I know there is probably a reason why you are working those many hours, BUT your health is extremely important and the one thing everyone on this panel needs is SLEEP:asleep:
I truely hope you get feeling better soon try to ease up on yourself I agree with the bubbly soak and even a heating pad is soothing!! Anything that relaxes you is a good thing, also steam showers work well if you don't like baths,
I really hope you feel better soon and get the sleep you need and DESERVE!!
Diane, Costo is no fun at all. Do you find it is even troublesome when you lay down too long?

I don't kno what muscle relaxant you have. I use Robaxin (metho carbamol) It is good and I don't need anywhere near the max dose.
Thinking of you. (Working is a big achievement and you have such a physical job)
x Lola
Severe pain

Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for all your support. I didn't go to work today because I was hurting . I went to see my rheumatologist today. She believes it's being caused by my lupus because I hurt all over. She also did a echocardiagram today. I have to go back Friday for a nuclear stress test. She wants to make sure its not my heart since I've been having chest pains. She also put me on 10 mg of the dreaded prednisone. :( I told her I didn't want to stay on it but I would take it for two weeks and see if it helps this pain. She also has been after me to take methotrexate. I'm scared of the drug but I might have to take something else since plaquenil is no longer controling my pain. I work at an army depot , so we are working long hours to support out troops. I'm a hydraulics mechanic and build and test components for tanks. So please keep me in your prayers this next week as I go through heart tests. My brother died last year in his sleep of a heart attack at 55 years old. Both of my parents had heart disease and have passed away. Sorry this is so long. Thanks so much for listening and all of your support. God Bless!!:grhug:
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(((((((((((Diane)))))))))))) Good luck with your heart tests, I hope that this is just the dreaded lupus playing up and that's why you are having chest pain. I'm also hoping that the Pred kicks in very quickly and you start feeling better - when it does don't act like superwoman will you, still take time to rest! ;)

I think in your present state and the fact that Plaquenil is obviously not enough to damp down your disease that Methotrexate might be a very good choice. I would try and concentrate on the positives of getting the disease under better control rather than the negatives that are out there about Metho. Many lupies here use it and it has improved their quality of life to a great extent and often avoids the need for Pred altogether. If that doesn't suit you then Imuran (Azathioprine) is an excellent drug also.

If you look up all the posts on Methotrexate in our medications section, you will get a fairly balanced view. Sure there are some who can't take it orally and their docs moved them to the injectable form and they were fine on it. Then there were the ones that couldn't take it at all. However unless you try it then you will never know ;) you deserve to feel better :hug:

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Dear Diane,
I really am with Lily on the matter of Methotrexate.
Please do not be scared of it. It can be a bit hard at first but I found I coped with it and it really is a very helpful thing to take. After the first three months I was fine and during the first three months my problems were limited to the day or two after I took it. (Plan it for the weekend) I cannot stress enough that it is well worth a try. I am being honest with you!
x Lola
:hug:Hi Lola,
Thank you so much for your support. Are you taking methotrexate by pill or injection? How long have you been taking it? Do you work? I guess you could just say I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to new meds. :worried: I have alot of stomach problems when it comes to new meds. I'm also afraid of side effects. But I won't ever know if it will help me if I don't try it. Thanks,
(((((( Diane )))))))) Wow, you've got a lot on your plate. I admire your ability to keep working through the pain and stress. That said, I hope you can find some way to give your body a break. Most of us know from sad experience what comes of trying to push our bodies past fatigue and pain. A time comes when the pushing doesn't work, when a night's sleep isn't enough to refresh by morning.

I hope you are feeling better by now. I hate prednisone too, but it does have the desired effect. Maybe others can help you with medication information. All I can offer is support and hope for days ahead without pain.

Hi Sunny,
Thank you so much for all your support. The prednisone hasn't kicked in yet. I have to go back to work tomorrow so I hope it starts working soon. May God Bless you and take away your pain also. :hug:
Hi, I feel for you...I know how hard it is.

I take low doses of codeine and/or oxycodone bacause my pain is too unbearable. I try and use it responsibly and not every day, as not to become dependent. It is the only way that I can get anything done. You take ultram..maybe it isn't as strong as oxy..I am not sure.

I hope the pred works. I should be starting it too.

All the best and keep us posted.
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