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I was diagnosed with shingles about 5 wks ago, i had the antibody test and
it came back very high.. 3:88. he said the high normal was 0:09.
Anyway i have done the antiviril meds. and have taken Loracet for the
pain. by the way (I never broke out in the rash like most people) the doc.
said that some people with lupus don't have a strong enough immune system
to bring the blisters to the surface. anyway i was wondering if anyone that had been through this would have any suggestions on what to do for the
Pain. or what helped you when nothing else would. I see the Doc. again
on Friday, and i'm not sure if he will have any more suggestions. I think it
is just nerve pain now and it feels like it will last forever. Someone said
they used new new drug Lyrica, but I think it is very costly. I forgot to say
that the pain is from my sturnum around to my spine on the right side.
Any help would be appreciated....

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Hi there,
First of all let me tell you how sorry I am that you have shingles.. I know how painful it is... My daughter got shingles last year and she was put on that new drug and it did help her... They also gave her tylanol threes... I think with the new drug you need to get it early.. and yes it is expensive... Her's were gone in four weeks... but she had extreme pain for about a week and then lesser pain after...
Maybe the doctor can prescribe a different pain killer for you, and I am so sorry you are going through this...

Love Penny

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Hello, everyone with shingles needs a giant hug
my shingles were on my under arm. I found a cold clothe helped the most
I am on amytripline for fibro and the doctor said that would help the nerve pain, I am not sure if it did. but mine was only painful for about two weeks. and when I get over tired, the pain comes back in a mild form.just to let me know it was there

Best wishes in finding some pain relief.

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I've had shingles twice now, and they gave me gabapentin for the pain, along with upping my avinza, which is an extended release morphine I take. Gabapentin is also good for fibromyalgia, so my pain mgt doc kept me on it after I started it. I take 2 300mgs three times a day. It is an awful thing to have, I hope and pray you feel better, Jen.:(
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