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Shingles without a rash?

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Well, I found out yesterday that the horrible pain from my sternum around
my right side to the middle of my back is SHINGLES... lucky me....
The doctors had thought it was everything from a fractured sternum(had xrays) not that to costocondritis... He finally done an antibody test and
mine was 3.88 and the high normal is 0.9... He about stroked plus I have NO
Rash... he said all he could think of was that my immune system wasn't strong enough to bring the rash to the surface and all the infection is on the
inside.. So I'm taking Valtrex (3 weeks after the pain started) don't know how much good it will do.:sad:
Has anyone here ever had shingles without a rash, and would was done for it.
I was just wondering how long you have to suffer with the pain on top of the
Lupus symptoms... And he said with the Lupus it was highly likelu that i would
probably have it again,, if under stress and when are we not ever under stress... Please help if you can....:sad:
Thank you
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Hi, sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. From time to time I have such intense pain in an area of my chest just under my breast and spreading around to the side that I can't stand my clothes to touch it. It's excruiating. I haven't had it so severe since being on Imuran, but still get it mildly from time to time. It lasts anywhere from a few days to weeks. That place on my body is never without intense sensitivity. I've been told that it is "unexpressed shingles." This was without any testing and no medication was offered. Two different doctors made the same dx. I was told it was a bi-product of the Lupus and Sjogrens and that it was likely to return at times.

I have no idea is it really was shingles. All I know is what the doctors told me. And I know it's horrid when it gears up. You have my sympathy and prayers for relief.

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I have had 25 and I kid you not, 25 different cases of shingles over the last three years. I always hurt for 24-48 hours and then I break out. I have never not broke out. Now my mom hurt for weeks under her left armpit and her left chest. After many tests and different meds, they finally decided that she had shingles. Once she was given the proper treatment, she feels so much better. If it had not been for her case I would not have believed it. I should add that this happened about five years ago, before my Lupus came out of remission. Now, I would just about believe anything. The human body never ceases to amaze me. I hope you a quick recovery.

HI Pam,

Sorry youve got shingles its not nice! In January I had shingles pain on one side of my head. All that ever appeared spot wise was one tiny little one! My pains did not last too long, certainly gone in 3 weeks! Everyone is different as to how long pains last and even can have reaccuring pain for a few months with out spots!

Due to me seeing the docs withing 8 hours of pain the medication I took was really effeective! They say the medication is less effective the longer its left from the onset of pain!

I think pain is the major fator that you need to deal with using paracetamols and even anti-inflammatories!

If pain continues still go back to docs for further investigation. I'm sure they can take a blood test to prove whether it is shingles - perhaps I'm mistaken though!

Take care,

x Lesley
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