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Well, I found out yesterday that the horrible pain from my sternum around
my right side to the middle of my back is SHINGLES... lucky me....
The doctors had thought it was everything from a fractured sternum(had xrays) not that to costocondritis... He finally done an antibody test and
mine was 3.88 and the high normal is 0.9... He about stroked plus I have NO
Rash... he said all he could think of was that my immune system wasn't strong enough to bring the rash to the surface and all the infection is on the
inside.. So I'm taking Valtrex (3 weeks after the pain started) don't know how much good it will do.:sad:
Has anyone here ever had shingles without a rash, and would was done for it.
I was just wondering how long you have to suffer with the pain on top of the
Lupus symptoms... And he said with the Lupus it was highly likelu that i would
probably have it again,, if under stress and when are we not ever under stress... Please help if you can....:sad:
Thank you
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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