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Should I go to the hospital???

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Hi everyone,

I am a bit concerned and I am hoping someone with more knowledge is browsing the board to help me right now. My left leg, mid calf down is swollen and the right leg is normal.

I am not in pain and the temperature of the skin is not far off from the other leg.

I am however feeling a strange pins and needles sensation in the foot.

I do have Lupus and APS but I am so new to it that I am just not sure what to think here and do not want to rush out to a ER if it is not necessary. I guess I do not want to look like a idiot.

If anyone reads this would you kindly respond if you can. Thanks.:wink2:
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My daughter has lupus and also has had blood clots. You have to listen to your body, you know your body better than anyone else. If you are worried I would not wait because you will just make yourself feel worst by worrying. It could be a blood clot, or something else . Its best to be safe then sorry. you would think if it was your lupus both legs would be swollen. Did you try and put your foot up and put a heating pad or hot water bottle on it? My daughter is in a very bad flare right now and both her legs and feet were badly swollen (which she had checked out but just inflammation not her kidneys or blood clots) I hope you can get this taken care of I know its no fun having all these problems and this nasty lupus.... I wish you the best of luck, and maybe someone else with lupus will be of better help. My prays or with you.. :blush:
I would probably go and get it checked out. DVT's can be painless or only very mildly painful; although this is not the norm it can happen. As already said, better to be safe than sorry. Let us know how it all turns out!
Hello Karol

I would get it checked out. I would feel far more of an idiot if it turns out that's what I should have done. If I ended up with a pulmonary embolism for example.
I hope all is well in fact. Let us know when you can.


With unexplained sudden swelling of your calf I would definitely go to the hospital. It miy be fine but unfortunately you cannot be sure and its best to let the experts do their tests

Please let us know how you are

Much Love
Definitely get it checked out - clots usually HURT but then again, lack of pain does not rule out a clot.

Get it checked is the safest way to do.

got my fingers crossed for you


I would definately get the calf checked out!

Let us know what happens!

Yep me too, I can only agree with the others. Please get it checked!

I have heard of someone's painless clot with dire consequences so I'd far rather "waste" someone's time than have that happen. Remember it is their job to check such things out, so don't worry about it and just go in.

Hey Karol,

Definitely go to A&E and get it checked out. I have aps too and I clot really all the time; most of my clots hurt a lot but I've had some that have been pretty painless and their only symptom had been swelling of a limb or redness and heat.

Absence of pain does not rule out a DVT; only a negative D-dimer and a negative doppler ultrasound can do that!

Let us know how you get on,


Good Monday morning everyone.

I was just in chat with Greenhaggis and let her know I did go to the local ER. They did blood work that indicated a clot and the ultrasound confirmed it. One behind the knee and the other in the calf of my leg.

They immediately placed me on IV heparin and now I am on oral coumadine. I have to go see my Rheumy on Thursday. He was going to put me on oral blood thinners at this weeks appt. anyway so I just got started earlier I guess.

I am shocked that I did not have much pain with 2 clots.:eek::eek::eek:

Everything I googled talked about pain so I did not rush off for that reason. Lesson to learn is that not all clots cause pain and my level for pain is high so I guess I can be my own worst enemy at times.:blush::blush::blush:

The leg is a little better, still swollen but heading in the right direction. My capillary refill response is slow in my toes but getting better too. Gosh how much we can learn with a trip to the hospital.

My SCL70 antibodies are really climbing higher and I am starting to get calcinosis cutis that is effecting me in different areas of my body. I am so nervous that I will develop full blown Scleroderma and that scares me so bad.

I cant pray any harder then I already do. I find myself chatting with God all the time. I think he must be tired of hearing my voice.:rotfl:

Anyway, I do appreciate everyone's support. You are all a GOD SEND to me and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys!!!
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Hello Karol,

Well I'm glad you did go in and at least now you know that it doesn't always have to be painful.

Good luck with the rheumy on Thursday,

Hey ((((((((Karol)))))))) :hugbetter:

Sorry to hear about your hospital adventure... Sounds like a scary experience indeed.... :(

I'm glad you went in and got treatment though! Blood clots can be extremely sneaky and extremely dangerous....

Hope the coumadin works well for you!

Best of luck for your appointment on Thursday! :)


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Hi Karol, I am glad you got your blood clots under control. You sure have been through a lot this last two years. Hope your feel better.

Your dear loving huggy friend from you know where - many hugs going your way

KarolH;524340 said:
I am shocked that I did not have much pain with 2 clots.:eek::eek::eek:
I had a similar experience. Usually as soon as I put my foot on the floor from getting out of bed, I knew I had a clot.

However almost 3 years ago, I had no warning at all and ended up with 2 massive clots; one in each lung and there was still an 1 1/2 clot left in my leg behind the left knee. So it is pretty scary. And this was the beginning of Lupus. Don't know which came first.

I too am on blood thinners for life. I'm okay with that!

Take care and I'm glad things worked out for you.

Thanks Gerri and Nutty.

It really is scary to have no pain with blood clots.

Pain is typically what lets us know there is a severe problem.

I am never typical though...:eek:
Hi Karol

Im really sorry to hear about this latest health problem but so very glad that you decided to go to the hospital. Its a lesson for us all.

Best of luck with your appointment on Thursday. Let us know how it goes and how you are doing.

Luv n stuff
Thanks so much my friend from a lovely place on this earth.....Dublin.

Much appreciated.:wink2:
Hi Karol,

That is scary, as you say you would think there would have been a lot of pain associated with it................but as mentioned not everyone gets that. I'm so glad that you went and got it checked out and avoided any bigger disasters. Good luck on Thursday and let us know how you get along.


Hi Karol...
I just read this thread, I'm really glad you went to the ER. I've had 2 bad DVT's occluded up to my groin and all I had was a dull ache in the leg, and my toes were tingling... My cap-refill in the foot was bad though. I was stunned the first time when they told me. The second one, I had a sneaky suspicion I had one in my leg, but then I started with chest pain... Ended up with pulmonary embolism... So these clots can be insidious... unfortunately, what you read about them, like you said, mentions says pain, pain pain... I guarantee you won't miss one again... Just remember, though 'rare' you still can get a clot while on coumadin... I'm glad your ok...
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