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Have any of you ever experience recurring "shudders"? This is something new that seems to be developing and it causes the hand to drop anything it's holding at the time it happens and there's no control over it.

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The MD called them "spasms" and they are inconvenient to say the least.
Especially interesting if one be riding a motorcycle when one "spazes".
As with so many things (periferal neuropathy, fatigue, etc) it may fall into the category of "learn to live with it" although with the painful spasms Flexuril seems to help.
Please do not attemt to carry China tea cups at Buckingham Palace.:)
if it is happening on a regular basis, I really think you should get a referral to a neurologist. Look at it this way - long term it's going to be cheaper than replacing all that china hahaha.

I have a lot of nerve damage and drop things, but with me it is because my fingers are loosing their dexterity so I fumble things rather than experiencing spasms or shudders.

best of luck with it all

I ride too and can see how having these could be interesting on a motorcycle!! Oh dear!!!

It seems to be connected to potassium levels. My mom is on dialysis and I guess the longer a person is on dialysis, this tends to happen more and more - which I suppose explains why dialysis patients have heart problems. Potassium can damage muscles.

Her "siezures" have slowed and lessened in intensity since she got dialysis, but she is still having them. They did an MRI of her brain and that came back negative for anything. The Nephrologist said that sometimes they stop on their own, and sometimes they have use medicine to stop them, but he didn't say what kind of medicine.

She drops a lot of stuff to and get soooo mad sometimes. She also doesn't have much feeling in her fingers, so she tends to squeeze things like hamburgers and stuff really hard so they fall apart. She gets pretty upset about that too cuz it gets all over her.

Thanks for thoughts, I appreciate it.
Hi Melissar and welcome to the board.

I have muscle spasms and cog wheeling too and both of these together make for some interesting days.

I hope to get to know you better. Join us in chat sometime.:wink2:
Hi Melissa

I have 'shudders' which range from mild twitching to jerking of my right side, when my neck goes I look like a nodding dog!!!! I tend to hide away on those days!! I was told that mine were due to hughes syndrome, my shudders are accompanied by brain fog and speech and memory loss.

Hope you get answers

Take care

Thanks Deb.

The neurologist came in to see her yesterday, and I knew she had this happen once before, but I couldn't remember when or what the circumstances were and it was when she had her stroke last year. She did an exam, but didn't say anything as she left, so I'm hoping to find out more today.
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