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Sick cats and immmunosupression

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Ok, sorry for the wierd question, but I want to foster cats. The local cattery has an overload of cats at the moment, but they also have an epidemic of sneezing cats (either claicivirus, chlamidia or herpes or a mix of all 3). This is not cat flu and they have a good survival chance. According to the literature these diseases are not infectious for people, but my question is this:

Has anyone been told that they shouldn't be exposed to cats, especially sick cats if they are taking immunosupression? (You not the cat re the immunosupression). I am on azathioprine.

Any experiences gratefully recieved.

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cath;515268 said:
:blush::blush::blush:I met some of the orphans yesterday. 32 4 week old kittens, all asleep in their baskets for the 2pm rest hour.
Very very cute!
My depest respect to their current forster mum on achieving rest hour like that:blush::blush::blush:.

Kisses to your poorly pooch Raglet.

Hi Cath!
I love cats...
I have 2 cats, 3 kittens at home ...
Kisses to the kitties ya...
YES, I do have to clean the litter box eventhough I am immunosuppressed! (my husband wouldn't do it)
Raglet;515237 said:
you go girl - and give those moggies a cuddle from me.

I currently have a dog with a bucket on her head hiding under the computer desk - she has chewed her foot to bits and the only way to get it to heal up is go put her bucket back on her (an elizabethan collar type of bucket). She has severe allergies so picks up skin infections all the time - she is limping horribly. She hates me putting her cream on as it hurts, but the cream has a local anesthetic in it (as well as antibiotics and anti-inflams). Poor baby, she is very unhappy with her bucket.


Dogs with bucket? Heehehehe, I am sure she looks cute... (but she definitely thinks otherwise!)

I heard that skin allergies can be caused by food. Have u tried a different sort of food for her?

I am sure the sores hurt, pls give her a big hug for me!

Love - Bina
Clare.T;515240 said:
Hello Cath
I think the toxoplasmosis test is very simple.
I tried getting one from the hospital but the doc said, "oh well, not necessary because most people in Malaysia will be tested positive for it."!

You see, I want to get pregnant and heard about toxoplasmosis causing complications in babies. Though I am still on contraceptive, I just wanted to make sure I was clear of "toxoplasmosis" but doc said it is not necessary and then there's nothing much we can do about it?? ..... really?
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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