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Sick cats and immmunosupression

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Ok, sorry for the wierd question, but I want to foster cats. The local cattery has an overload of cats at the moment, but they also have an epidemic of sneezing cats (either claicivirus, chlamidia or herpes or a mix of all 3). This is not cat flu and they have a good survival chance. According to the literature these diseases are not infectious for people, but my question is this:

Has anyone been told that they shouldn't be exposed to cats, especially sick cats if they are taking immunosupression? (You not the cat re the immunosupression). I am on azathioprine.

Any experiences gratefully recieved.

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Hi, my doctor told me I should not handle cats or cat boxes while taking prednisone or Imuran. It's not the viruses so much as it is .... ok I can't think of the real name but people call it cat scratch fever (something I thought was just a phrase in R&B music!). You can catch it if a c at scratches or nips you -- doesn't have to be vicious, just break the skin or land on a scratch or open place on your skin. It's pretty bad for anybody but for immunisuppressed people it's apparently REALLY bad.

That said, I can't remember what it's supposed to do to you or the symptoms or anything. And I don't think it's a cat disease as such. Just some sort of bacteria or whatever that cats have in them.

Back when I did wild bird rescue I do remember being taught that any bird that had been caught by a cat, even if it didn't have obvious wounds, had to have big doses of antibiotic and probably would die even then. Something to do with kitty mouth stuff. Once again, I wasn't paying attention or taking notes.

My DH would love to have a cat. That's how the discussion came up with my doctor. He was fairly adamant and I let go of the idea then. But seeing how many people here have kitties and no problems makes me t hink I might look at a second opinion. I mean, I wouldn't have to clean the litter box.... somebody else could do that.:lol::rotfl::wink2::p

Good luck,
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