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Sick cats and immmunosupression

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Ok, sorry for the wierd question, but I want to foster cats. The local cattery has an overload of cats at the moment, but they also have an epidemic of sneezing cats (either claicivirus, chlamidia or herpes or a mix of all 3). This is not cat flu and they have a good survival chance. According to the literature these diseases are not infectious for people, but my question is this:

Has anyone been told that they shouldn't be exposed to cats, especially sick cats if they are taking immunosupression? (You not the cat re the immunosupression). I am on azathioprine.

Any experiences gratefully recieved.

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I take CellCept, have a dog, 2 cats, a grand kitty and I dog sit for about 4 different families when they go on vacation.

I too was worried but have been assured by my vet that most pet diseases are not transmittable to humans, Leptospirosis is the exception, but very rare in cats if at all.

I have had sick animals come into my home (kitties and grand kitty) plus dog had pneumonia and I got none of it.

I think fostering cats is a great thing and I would do the same, howeve hubby is alergic and it takes him some time to get over the new additions. Once he adjusts he is OK, but he must go through several days of suffering to adjust to the new dander in the house.

Good luck - Stephanie
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