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Sick cats and immmunosupression

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Ok, sorry for the wierd question, but I want to foster cats. The local cattery has an overload of cats at the moment, but they also have an epidemic of sneezing cats (either claicivirus, chlamidia or herpes or a mix of all 3). This is not cat flu and they have a good survival chance. According to the literature these diseases are not infectious for people, but my question is this:

Has anyone been told that they shouldn't be exposed to cats, especially sick cats if they are taking immunosupression? (You not the cat re the immunosupression). I am on azathioprine.

Any experiences gratefully recieved.

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Here's a great link on the topic.

The bottom line is that it's probably safe for you, and it would be best to have older cats (not kittens) that are indoor-only cats and eat processed food ;) A lot depends on your history of infection frequency though too - if you are already displaying more frequent infections or not. If you are fairly average in infection frequency, then chances are good that you would be safe with some cats.

If you could have hubby clean litter box(es) then that would be even safer but it's quite safe to do it yourself too.
I think you are much more likely to get toxoplasmosis from just about any other known source than an indoor only cat! I had the test done as I had barn kitties as well as house kitties at the time I was pregnant (& I requested it...). I have also read that if you clean the litter box twice a day then the risk is almost zero as it takes time (over 24 hours after pooping) for the bad stuff to become infectious.

I think US doctors should stop routinely testing for Group B strep like the UK does. The risk is absolutely teeny-tiny when the mother-to-be does not have a fever and the waters aren't broken over 24 hours. :)
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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