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Sick cats and immmunosupression

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Ok, sorry for the wierd question, but I want to foster cats. The local cattery has an overload of cats at the moment, but they also have an epidemic of sneezing cats (either claicivirus, chlamidia or herpes or a mix of all 3). This is not cat flu and they have a good survival chance. According to the literature these diseases are not infectious for people, but my question is this:

Has anyone been told that they shouldn't be exposed to cats, especially sick cats if they are taking immunosupression? (You not the cat re the immunosupression). I am on azathioprine.

Any experiences gratefully recieved.

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I think you are much more likely to get toxoplasmosis from just about any other known source than an indoor only cat! I had the test done as I had barn kitties as well as house kitties at the time I was pregnant (& I requested it...). I have also read that if you clean the litter box twice a day then the risk is almost zero as it takes time (over 24 hours after pooping) for the bad stuff to become infectious.

I think US doctors should stop routinely testing for Group B strep like the UK does. The risk is absolutely teeny-tiny when the mother-to-be does not have a fever and the waters aren't broken over 24 hours. :)

Well, I got the results back on the toxoplasmosis screen back, and suprisingly and dissapointingly - I'm negative.

Now I have to think whether the risk is worth it. My vet said not to do it. I'm not normally so indicisive, but I really don't know.....

x c x
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