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Hello Taree,

Yes, I too can relate :) I was having quite a lot of difficulty with those type of problems.

Writing and spelling are a big part of my job as a translator. A while back I was completely unable to translate at all as I couldn't remember more than 3 words at a time in a sentence :hehe: I would ordinarily read a paragraph, understand it, rewrite it in English and then finally check it to be sure I had all the important elements that were in the original text. When you have to reread the same three words ten times over before actually remembering them it is totally hopeless! I also had far more difficulty (and still do to an extent) with remembering spelling and not mixing similar French/English words and their spelling.

I was also finding that when typing here or with friends on msn I seemed to be suffering from typing dyslexia and would often get the letters and words in the wrong order.

I would agree with Clare that tiredness is a very important factor for the so called "brain fog" that we suffer from.
I was lucky after ten months of treatment to suddenly see a huge improvement in my condition which included the brain fog and concentration peoblems largely disappearing. Although I have since been doing a little less well and have flared again, I haven't had a return of the brain fog, something for which I am very grateful. I don't know what it is exactly that causes such things (maybe that CNS involvement) but I am reassured that it does get a degree better with a general improvement.

I have just started working again at a very reduced rate and still find that I have to work with my capacities. What I mean by that is that if I feel "foggy" there is no point whatsoever trying to force myself to do a translation. It will take me ages and be very awkward to read. I just wait until I feel clear headed (often in the late afetrnoon or evening) and work around those blond moments!

I hope that it at least helps to know that you are not alone,
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