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Hello Taree

I was sorry to read that you went inadequately diagnosed for so many years and had a slightly similar exerience myself although I was lucky enough to be on the right treatment albeit it wasn't enough to help the skin symptoms. So maybe that stopped the lupus becoming truly systemic.

I don't know what is causing your 'dyslexia' but it is possible that it is caused by some degree of CNS involvement and when the lupus is properly treated it will improve. We don't care on the forum how people spell or the grammar, in fact it can be a useful indicator of how well people are doing. I have even seen people writing backwards, and several barely legible posts. They aren't aware they are doing it or they know they are struggling and can't help it. Like all lupus symptoms it ranges in severity. I don't know if my recent problems are due to aging or increased or changing disease activity. I make multiple errors even after I have so called edited and sometimes have great difficulty spelling certain words.

Fatigue and stress don't help of course.

Make a copy of somethings you have written and not corrected to get a better idea of what's going on and show to your doctors if need be.
How is the diagnostic process going ? Make sure you have had all the right tests including to detect antiphospholid antibodies which are lupus anti coagulant and anti cardiolipins.

Bye for now
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