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Sister is sick !!!

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This is Connie, when I have been here a few times, Claire, and many others helped me alot. I am at the point where I can't even discuss my health right now, so I have not been here for a while. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus since I have been here.
Meanwhile while I was searching, and dealing with my own health issues, concerns, and trying to educate myself on Lupus, my sister was so sick, with other health problems. She got into a motorcycle accident, and needed her knee skin graphed. It was a nasty accident, she was thrown, and lucky that she survived it. Ever since the surgery she has been sick. She started getting very little specs of what appeared to be moles all over her body, then they would open up, and turn into big ulcers, for a while they thought it was Merca. She has been to many hospitals, and docs for around 2 years, in bed sick. Next they said it was parasites, eating at her, possible sand flies. Her lesions have went from her legs to her face, and head. 2 days ago, a very small black spec I will call it, turned into a full blown ulcer looking lesion over night. She went back to a very reputalble hospital yesterday, and this doc, at least the 20th one in 2 years....said Lupus. Now I am lost.....possible Discoid/vulgar??? What about the how it starts out as black little moles, one doc thought they did an ana and now she is waiting. If anyone has any input in this I would appreciate it, it is really weird, how they start out as black little moles, then they ulcerate, What ever it is, it is worse at night....thanks for all your help..
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Hi Connie

First of all i am so sorry to hear about everything your sister is going through with her health(hugs)and i am sure yours is not soo good with all the stress you are going through(((hugs))..I know what stress can do to us when you have lupus for sure.

I really wish i had some information to help you to understand what your sister is going through and sure hope someone comes along to help you understand what she has going on,but until then please try to take care of yourself so you do not get sick ((((hugs)))).Please let us know what she finds out also and hioping it is real soon.

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