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Hi All,

My sisterinlaw has lupus and is in a bad way
I Am trying to find out as much info as pos if only to try and understand whats happening.

has anyone suffered from gangerine in the fingers as they are talking about amputation!


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Hi ,

Welcome to the forum.

You may notice your post has been moved - nothing to worry about - I've just put it where more people will see it, and under the appropriate section.

I'm sorry to hear about your sister in law. Does she have reynauds? Sometimes this is the cause of poor blood supply to the fingers. If it is bad enough the tissue can die and result in gangrene. Once the tissue is dead unfortunately it can't be saved - it has to be removed. Whether this is by wound treatment (dressings like silvercel) or surgery depends on just where and how much tissue has died. Unfortunately this means some time amputation is the only alternative.

Has your sister had treatment for reynauds? There are meds that can be given to try and increase blood flow to the fingers and toes (all extremeties actually), such as nifedipine. There is also another more agressive med that is given IV in hospital (I can't remember its name). If she isn't getting treatment, it really should be considered to prevent further damage.

Maybe she would like to join us herself? She is most welcome:p


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What a wonderful person you few people care enough to take the time to learn more about the disease to support family or friends.

I applaud you!

Just remember that you S-I-L needs you to understand when she isnt up to doing something, she may really want to but just cant. If you are close enough (geographically) bringing in soup or a casserole, so she doenst have to cook, a phone call if you arent local is all it takes sometimes.

We all need someone who cares and doesnt mind if we whine to them once in a while...try not to let her disease represent her in your mind...she is the same person she always was...just with some limitations that werent there before.

We would love to have your S-I-L join us as well, but ask all the questions here as you want, someone will always come along and try to assist.

Chat room is great too....wonderful people with years of experience!

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