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Sisters Cancer

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Hi all as yet i cannot tell anyone how my sister is as she has just had her surgery and we are praying everyday.
I want to thank everyone who sent messages to me and to say that the support every one gave was tremendous.
I will let you know how things go so in the meantime once again thanks to you all for the kind words.
Love from Sandy
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Hi Sandy,

Thanks for posting to let us know. It sounds like the surgery went okay. Hopefully the results will be good as well. Keep praying and I'll keep you in my prayers as well.

Everything crossed for a good outcome here, I am keeping you all in my thoughts :hug:

So sorry for what you are going thru. I hope you get good news and she will be O.K. I know how hard it is, I'm going thru it with someone very dear to me. Tell your sister that we are all wishing her the best.
Take care,
Thinking of you and your Sister and hoping you both have extra strength to get through this.
x Lola
I will be thinking of you both and keep everything crossed for the best possible outcome.

Plenty of hugs to pass on to your sister

sending you both positive thoughts and prayers.
Take care

Hugs Elle x
My prayers are still with you and your family in this time of great stress, just remember to take care of yourself also. She is going to need all of you to beat this and you have to be stronge for both of you. Let us know how things are going please.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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