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Skin Biopsy result (Gutted)

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I had to go to the hospital today for an appointment with my Bowel consultant. That went very well and I had a very successful appointment that I came away from feeling happy and optimistic. An absolutely great consultant who actually listened and made me feel relaxed etc.

Anyway I asked him if he could give me the results of my skin biopsy, as I still have to wait another few weeks before my Dermatologists appointment. He was great and rushed off to his office to use his computer as the consultation room one was broken.

So he came back and said I have to say this quick so I don’t forget….It says Mild Peri-vascular Chronic Inflammation of Dermis.

Now, I wrote it down as he said it and just put it away until I got home! But I am now totally Peed off with this, as to clarify exactly what this is saying I looked up everything just so I could get it straight in my head! ………

It is basically saying that I have a very bad, long term skin rash! OMG! I cannot believe it! This to me is the Dermatological equivalent of IBS or the GP’s favourite telling someone they have a virus!

I think I would have more success if I banged my head against a brick wall a thousand times! It would be far less frustrating!

I really don’t know how I am going to cope with the appointment at the end of the month. Do I accept this and just carry on with my face and neck erupting into vicious looking burning sores (I wish I could work out how to post a picture to show), for the rest of my life? Could it be that the tests are totally flawed and I am being fobbed off with this ridiculous non-diagnosis?

I really don’t know what to do next, if anyone has any advice please help!

Thank you!

Star x
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Hello Star,

I'm afraid I have no advice, I really know very little about skin issues, but wanted to send you some hugs as I can understand how you must be feeling.

Hi Star,

Don't give up.

I think the biopsy results are a description of what was seen, not a diagnosis.

To work out what the cause is, the dermatologist has to interpret the findings.

Googling "perivascular inflamation" I can see many possible causes, including lupus rashes, so I don't think you can draw any conclusions either way just yet.

Here is a little bit about skin biopsies in lupus:,M1

Hang in there and see what the dermatologist says.

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Hello Star


If ever there was an example of why not to get test results before you see your doctor, this it surely it. Biopsies and imaging tests especially.
I googled around and supposing I don't know any more than you about it, I'd say your conclusions are way too hasty. I suspect it's like any other test - it has to be interpreted along with other lab and clinical findings.

Sure it seems to be a non specific finding ( like an ANA ) but maybe it's just what he needs to decide what is causing the problems. Maybe he wants to consult with the pathologists or other dermatologists or maybe he himself isn't satisfied. We just can't say.

My advice is to make the utmost effort to forget you ever saw it as it is only adding to your very understandable fears and anxieties. To decide on this basis you are never going to get help with it certainly isn't necessary.

Live in hope always and skirt nimbly around those pits of despair.

All the best and more hugs

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Skin Rash

Hi Star,

I'm new in the neighbourhood....have only recently been diagnosed with lupus, after 2 years of being on a medicaly mystery tour de force! And even now, with the diagnosis, there are still so mnay unanswered questions. I am undergoing a skin biopsy on Monday 15th September for a rash that has set up residence on my right calf for the past 6 months. It is driving me I cannot even imagin how frustrating it must be for you.... I know how frustrating this can all be at times.... I had a mini melt down just last night about my own issues with this deep breath, wax on wax off...and write down all your questions for your Demitologist.... you're not alone.

AndreaK 8)
Hi ya Star

Please don't get too down about this.:)

I think I would be inclined to wait until your appointment at the end of the month and see what the doc says about it then. I'm sure it's hard to forget about it for now but when you have your appointment it might all make sense unlike for now.

Take Care


Mrs M x
Thank you for calming me down! It is very much appreciated. I suspect I have jumped the gun slightly and should step back and just calm down!

I will wait and see what the dermy says and go from there. Hopefully I won’t have to bang my head against anymore walls!

Thanks for all being so great!


Star x
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