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I had a skin biopsy taken about 2 weeks ago by my very enthusiastic Gp- she has recently been on a dermy update!
It was good news the odd roundish pink marks on my leg are granuloma annular( interstitial whatever that means). She ,my doc, was very pleased as she had thought that was what it was bless her. We seem to be on the same wave length and she is very easy to talk to. I guess I am very lucky.:)

I wish I could say the same for my sons GP. He has had trouble with his back for years he is now 17,and the doc has fobbed him off with -'growing pains' , ' bad posture, too much computer work' never even looked at his back!:mad:
Recently at my insistance he made an appt. to see the locum when his usual doc was away.
She spent half an hour with him apparently and referred him to a rheumatology dept to be looked at by a physio. She ordered lots of blood tests and Xrays and he has another appointment in December.
What a difference, its so frustrating as he can't change his GP as the only other surgery is not on a bus route and he cant drive yet!
Well we shall have to wait till December to get the results unless I can persuade him to see his usual gp.
I think I will insist that I go in with him to make sure he doesnt fob him off as a time waster.
Any suggestions to deal with this without making my son feel awkward?
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