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Hello Jacqui and welcome :)

I can imagine that it has been a bit of a shock to fall ill and suddenly find yourself diagnosed with SLE. This site is a wonderful place for support and advice whenever you feel you need it.

Have you been put on medication, if so what? It is very early days yet for your meds to have started working at all, so hopefully you will get a lot of relief from them. Many people do get back to an almost normal lifestyle once their meds kick in and hopefully you will be one of those. The meds should also help you reduce any chances of organ involvement.

A lot of people with lupus go about their daily lives with hardly a thought for their disease. This site is not representative of the lupus population as a whole as those who post here are usually "not yet diagnosed", "newly diagnosed" or the rarer people at the sicker end of the scale. It's important to keep that in mind and not be "scared" by some things that you read.

hugs to you and hope to speak soon,
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