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Small Bruises?

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hey guys hope everyone is ok...Just got back from an awesome holiday driving around america (Nevada, Arizona and California!) was amazing!! annndddd thanks to the factor 50+(and the quick course of steroids before i left!) i felt well 99% of the time!!! However upon my return i got a funny rash(which isnt very interesting...sort of like eczema) annddd lots of little bruises!! they are not red and pin prick like cos i know that has a name but they are proper brownish red bruises each about 5mm across and i have about 30 on my legs and arms...any ideas?? i havent been in the wars!! cheers guys xxx
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Hi mook,

Glad you had a good holiday< I've just got back from one myself and had a great time, really needed the break.

I'm wondering from your description if these are ecchymosis (sp?) I get them and they can range from red to brownish and are larger than the petichae that you mentioned (pin prick ones). They are virtually a larger version of petichae i.e. bleeding under the skin and they may be due to sun exposure. No matter what precautions I take I still seem to get at least some of them. Quite often on my hands or forearms, sometimes legs.

thanks Lily, seeing rheumy soon anyway so will ask! god he must think im such a hyperchondriac lol xxxxxx
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