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So Sorry

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I have been AWOL....

lots been happening...

had my last cyclo thank goodness...but had a lot of health problems since..
Am off for an x ray tomorrow of my chest as i have had dreadful breathing problems...soooo gave in !! went to the GP who on listening to my chest/back etc said my rt lung sounded "duller"...
could be inflammation or will know more when the x ray is done...

Hello to all newbies and happy birthday to people whos birthdays i have missed..
big hugs x x x
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Hey Christine :)

We all get periods like that. Sorry to hear you've not been feeling so good and I hope it turns around now and things look up for a good while to come.

Welcome back and hugs

Hey Christine! :)

Katherine is 1000% right! All of us go through "awol" periods!

Great news about your last cyclo treatment!!! :bigsmile:

Sorry to hear you're unwell at the moment though... Hope everything goes ok at the doc's tomorrow and that the x-ray gives you some clue as to what's going on with your breathing...! :blush:

Sending loads of hugs your way and hope you feel better soon :grouphug2::grhug:


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Hi Christine

You must be very relieved to have your last treatment finished with. I hope the latest health problems dont get you down too much and can be resolved quickly for you. Geesh, you could do with a break :hug:

Let us know how you get on with the xray results

Luv n stuff
Hi Christine,

Sorry to hear your are having breathing problems. I hope the xrays show something simple to take care of. My thoughts will be with you.

Take care,
Christine, I hope life settles down soon and you feel better. I understand the lung thing. It can be nasty. Take care of yourself and let us know what the various and sundry doctors say.

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