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LONG before my lupus diagnosis, in fact it was the first thing that sent me to a Dr. in MANY years, I had a platelet problem. Started bruising for no real reason. Saw one Gp that didn't seem to think much of it, took blood, and I never heard from him again. My Dad sent me to his hemotologist who tested my blood (and looked at the results!) and realized my platelte count was VERY low. I was diagnosed with ITP. Had a bone marrow test done to make sure I was produceing platelets (I was) so it was assumed my spleen was filtering them out. I was put on 100mg of Pred., but they made a mistake filling the perscription and only gave me 10 mg I was taking WAY to little. Needless to say the 10mg didn't do nuthing and they were getting ready to remove the spleen when we discovered the mistake in Pred. dose. Once I was on 100mg things improved, didn't need surgery (still got my spleen!) and the ITP has never returned....but I went though plenty of other things over the next few years that eventually led to my diagnosis
Don't know much about your troubles. Has your marrow been checked to make sure your produceing platelets? What's your Pred. dose? Staying on pred. is never a great option, osteoperosis can result from too much time on the stuff.

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