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Well, I've just returned from my trip to Western Ireland, and what a great place it is too, with beautiful scenery, people...... and for once weather!

Any ways, I managed to get a few surfs into my week and came out of it OK :)

However, the unexpected sunny weather proved to me that I am almost definitely photosensitive :( Even though I wore factor 50 sunblock, covered my body and wore a baseball cap I still ended up with a few aching joints after a couple of days :( Also felt very tired and sleepy after long periods outdoors.

But hopefully this will fade once the plaquenil kicks in :)

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Hi surferboy,

I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday, but sorry you are feeling lousy now :sad:
try and get plenty of rest and hopefully the plaquenil will kick in soon.

personally I have to be very cautious of the sunny weather, even with the plaquenil...I must admit I am really looking forward to the winter now :hehe:

take care..karen x

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Hey there!

I'm just back from the Caribbean, where I spent a lot of the time sitting under a brolly, covered in factor 40! I took solace in a wet suit and being under the sea, where the nasty sun couldn't get me!

I had a few fainting fits, breathing problems and my knees, ankles, back & neck were killing me for the whole second week, and I slept for England!!

Having said all that, I managed to come home with a tan (just shows you don't have to baste yourself in oil all day) - mainy due I think to my North African heritage - and I did have a good time, because the pace was relaxed!

I'm so glad you got to surf :) I did think about your surfing worries when I was going diving, because I did wonder how tired I'd be! And I was tired after each dive, but I confined myself to 30-40 min dives, and didn't go any deeper that 10m, cos it's harder on your body to breathe deeper down - but you know, it didn;t make any difference, the water was warm, the fish were nosy, and we played with the urchins! And the water supported my joints, so for that time I was pain free!

Days like that I can almost forget.................

Take care

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Hi Surferboy,

Went body boarding myself down in Cornwall this year, its electric and weightless also!.

I admire your optimism and I dont want to dampen it ..

Here is the But.......

Plaquenil will not cure you from photosensitivity ( my own humble understanding). All that meds do is to supress symtoms, ie you may be less symptomatic of photosensitivity. Should you be cured than I will eat my perverbial hat.

There is also the chance that your symtoms were sunless and that in fact you may be experiencing the 'ups' and 'downs' of of one day in the life of a lupie, ie you would have felt that way regardless of the sun.

Im not at all sure I am right about anything, I remain open minded or I have had to learn to adopt that kind of view in my own experience,=.

You may well be quite photosensitive.....:)

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Hey Surfer,

I thought you were going to pack me in your suitcase before you left.....remember Ireland is Karols dream?????:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Hehe, so glad you had fun. I have been told by folks in the past that Western Ireland is so much prettier then Eastern, yet I do not know this to be true first hand.:(

I am glad your holiday went well. Now that your home you can rest, relax and get back to business here on the board.:wink2:

I was missing your posts while you were away.

Welcome home!;)

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Hi All,

Been away from the forum for a while - been either very busy or very tired with the bloomin symptoms :(

But thanks for all the encouragement :)

I've got a string of hospital appts in the next week and am going to ask for a photosensitive test. Hopefully they won't say "no" :worried:

Linda, I'm glad you had fun in the Carribean but sorry to hear you paid the price a little :( But regarding your diving stint - is diving with a tank adviseable for luppy's? Sorry, I dont mean to sound thick but I was on the understanding that due to the change of air it may be a problem for us. I dived a very long time ago (pre-being diagnosed) and would love to go again but am a little worried :(

Also, Linda how did you cope just walking around in the strong Caribbean sun?

Nicky, chuck the body board and grab yourself a 7:10 surf board and a days lessons :) You'll LOVE it :) PS I do hope you are right about my photosensitivity - this really does get me down as I do love the sun and really want to go on Safari this December - I been given an offer I can't refuse :)

Karol, sorry, but I asked my wife if I could take you but she just gave me that look that only wives can give :blush: But please karol, if you do get the chance you have to visit. Give me a PM and I'll tell you all the places you MUST visit. Also, one place EVERYONE has to visit once (at least) in the lives is NORTH DEVON - Bloomin' BEAUTIFUL :D
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