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Hi everyone.

I just had a few thoughts and really don't want to call the doctor for this but will probably in the end :hehe:

When I go on the cruise (eastern carribean) we go on four islands, did anyone ever have to decrease your Immuran or immune suppres? That may be a ridiculous question. I was just wondering if you would catch more things or be exposed to more? (sorry if this is out there :hehe: )

The other thing is I am still getting those ridiculous fevers and really want to kick it. I just re-started an anti inflam. med that I had to see if that will do it, but did anyone ever take a short dose of their prednisone without calling the doctor? I have them with refills, but I never discussed that with the doctor. I know that it will kick back the fevers. I thought I heard of others just taking it short term when they flared.

Hope all is well with all of you.
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