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Something I'd like to share

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Hi guys, this is from the Oprah show in America and is something that really hit home with me. I hope you guys also find it as inspiring :)
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Hi Redbird,

Thank you for posting the video. I didn't get a chance to see it live. It is definitely inspiring.

Take care,
That was a powerful video even tho it was not that long it was very informative. It made me cry but that is a good thing . I don't know if I would handle it with such grace. Thank you for passing this on.
Hi there,

There was another thread on this topic a while back. It may be interesting to read what people said there too.

what a wonderful man. I am sat here in tears, thinking how lucky i am to have all the things i have and am truly grateful for them. I am going to show this to my husband and children, hopefully they will learn how to live their lives more fully.
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