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OK, I've kinda convinced myself that I've got Fibro. I've always just kinda blamed everything on Lupus, but many of my aches and pains don't seem to add up in that direction. For MANY years I've had various troubles that my Rumy doesn't think are Lupus but he's never suggested Fibro(I've been given allergy meds....they don't do much). Some symptoms.....Sore spots, can be my fingers, toes, wrist. Usually starts out kinda mellow, just a bit sore, and can progress to some real pain in a day. Hurts when I'm not using the digit/joint (I somtimes want to just bang the offending digit/joint against a wall it'll hurt so much) and using the digit/joint is usually out of the question (I often use a finger splint or wrap the joint in a bandage to keep me from using/bending it). Some swelling will occur, especially when it's a finger. Pain will usually go away (or reduce from the peak) in a day or so, somtimes moving to another joint (never all fingers/joints at once, usually just one at a time). I've got brain fog (always blamed that on Lupus). Sore/weak muscles. Neck/shoulder pain (feels like an internal bruise...just plain SORE!)...also some of that in my lower back. Muscle twitches on occasion, I've got a bit of restless leg, tend to bounce my leg when sitting, not a problem lying down. Headaches (kinda goes with the fog). And, of course, FATIGUE (always blame that on Lupus also!). Visual disturbances are VERY common, at least one a day...usually more, I've come to ignore them and am pretty used to them. I sleep kinda OK, usually not more than 6 hours at a time and I get up and wana nap. Eyes feel dry. Diarhea fairly often (Doc. had me taking fiber, but it didn't change nuthing). My sister also has Lupus and has a Fibro diagnosis.
I HAD been feeling pretty good for the last few months, but recently the aches/pains/fog has returned. I upped my prednisone and it seemed to help a bit with the fog..but not with the pains.
Plan on making an appoinment with my Rumy to talk with him about this. I'm in no rush...this has been going on for many years, but I am tired of it and if getting a diagnosis could help then maybe I'll persue it.
Has anyone had much luck with treatment for Fibro?


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lupus vs fibro

Hi Eric,

You didn't mention if your RA has given you the blood test for lupus. ????

I have both lupus and fibro. One of my sisters does as well. Our mother was dx with fibro. but not lupus. So you and your sister aren't alone.

The following site will show you a diagram of tender spots. Supposedly there are 18 spots and to be dx with fibro. you need pain in 11 of the spots for 3 consecutive months.

Your frustration is clear...unfortunately with these two diseases it's a matter of trail and error and a LOT of self advocating and self educating. You came to a great site. Maybe take time and do a search for different individual symptoms you have and see what others have said about it.

Best wishes,
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