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Thanks for pushing me to get answers.

My specialist who is handling my adrenal gland cysts is very upset with family doctor, and is doing something about it.

I was to have ct scan with contrast in October and dr. would not order it. Spcialist ordering blood work, and ct scan with contrast out of London.

I told them about swollen hands, face, kidney stone, kidney/bladder problem, uncontrolled diabetes, and getting absolutely no help, the receptionist flipped out and said she and specialist will help me out.

The cyst I have on my adrenal gland is not a cyst that can be overlooked. It must be monitored the rest of my life and could turn cancerous quickly.

When dr. here brushed me off and said he didn't want to see me until after January, it brought back bad memories of being fired by ex-doctor.

Why do people take advantage of people who can't stand up for themselves. (WHY)

Anyway I am getting help by specialist I might be able to get him to refer me to specialist in Toronto, I don't know.



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WELL DONE!!!!! Good for you Gerri :stretch:

I hope that things go an awful lot more smoothly from now on.

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