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Spots or Ulcers?!

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Hi all, me again :)

Another quick question for you lovely people ;)

I get ulcers in my mouth on and off, but my question is i often get really painful spots up my nose :worried: they really hurt but they look more like a white-head spots are these ulcers or spots and does anyone else get them? i get them every few weeks and theyre really sore! Gross! Are they anoother autoimmune symptom or something else?

Thank you for reading, Hope your all as well as poss ;)

Bex x x x x x x x x 8)
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heya, i get loads of mouth ulcers too and also get the nose ones...rheumy said they are ulcers too and gave me some cream to put on them...sorts them out sooo quickly its amazing. its called bactroban. xxx
Hi friend,

Yes, I get the same sores up my nose..I use a steroid ointment, that my dr. prescribed.

Best Wishes,
Thank-you for your replies, and sorry to hear you get ulcers too :(

However the ulcers i have up my nose look more like spots with a white head (gross) and sometimes bleed a little, is this what they look like or do yours look more like ulcers?

Thanks again x x x x
Hi Bex,

The ones I get in my nose don't seem to have any white head on them they look similar to the mouth ones. Start out as a red lump and then break to form a crater type thing. Too much information I'm sure :lol: but anyway gives you an idea of what they are like. Just getting over a particularly large and troublesome one myself! I would try and show yours to the GP and see what he thinks.

hey, yeah mine are more like what lily just described. your doc will know x
I also get the mouth ulcers and the sores in the nose, especially if I am flaring.

Found this link on nose and mouth sores.

Sheila x
I get these in my nose too. Seem to occur at the same time I have them in my mouth. Actually, I don't know what they look like--they just hurt! Hope you get relief soon!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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