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Today I had an appointment with my rheumatologist and she said that I have overlapping RA, which of course is not uncommon, and that I will be starting on the rituxan as soon as it gets set up, I have to go to the cancer center to get the infusions. Has anyone used this drug, and did you have any side effects either while you were getting it or after? I am also starting on lyrica for my fibromyalgia, heard some about it but don't really know a whole lot about it. If anyone can let me know how they did on either one I would appreciate it. Take care,

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Hi Karly,

In February I just finished my third round of Rituxan. My infusions are done in the cancer ward also, less chance of getting other germs there.

During the first hour of the first infusion I experienced chills, fever, and a slight sore throat. The nurses gave me aspirin immediately and I was fine for the rest of the time. The subsequent infusions have been symptom free. Not everyone has responded in the same fashion. Do a Rituxan search on the site to find others experiences.

The first night I have problems sleeping because of the steroid administered prior to the infusion. That dosage plus what I am already on gives me an energy high. After that I have extreme fatigue for a few weeks.

Like most medications it takes time to kick in. The first time it took almost 4 months. Since then it has been much sooner. The first difference I experienced was with my cognitive issues. Slowly other things improved after that.

I hope Rituxan gives you the relief you need. Good luck with your infusion.

Take care,
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