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Steroid sparing med and steroids

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If I was going to start a steroid sparing medication while in the midst of a flare would I need to stay on the steroid until the other med kicks in. I'm having some undesirable side effects from the methylprednisone and my doc mentioned steroid sparing meds so I was just wondering.
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Hi there,

When I was put on imuran my doc left me on pred with the hope of tapering it WHEN imuran had kicked in.

However, from reading other posts here, it seems that that is not always the case. Some docs obviously prefer to take you off pred first. Basically I think it is down to your doc and what he/she feels is best (and maybe the side effects you're having too).


I agre with Katharine, when I started CellCept, I remained on pred for about four weeks before we started weaning me off the pred. That took about 3 more months.

Now I only take pred in short doses when symptoms flare beyonf cellcept's control.

It would really be up to your Dr, what meds you are currently on, and what dose of pred.

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