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Steroids and fibro

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Hi again,

Thanks for all your answers to my questions recently...I'm afraid I have another one! I was diagnosed with Lupus in September 2008 through blood work and symptoms (mainly joint and muscle pain, mouth ulcers and fatigue). I was put onto 200mg Plaquenil (this has just been raised to 400mg daily) plus amitriptelene and also Mobic (an anti-inflammatory).

The Plaquenil hasn't kicked in yet although I do feel less flu-ey than I used to. Anway, my muscle and joint pain got really bad in mid December and I have just been put on a short course of prednisidone (20mg daily) to try and get me out of this bad phase. I woke up last night and noticed something different...some of my joints weren't aching and were no longer as tender :) This is the first time I've felt any improvement in my health for months. A lot of my body still hurts but I've no doubt that the steroids have helped a little. I have a few questions. Do the improvements steroids bring last after you stop taking them (I'll be taking them for a week only to begin with)? Does fibromyalgia respond to steroids?

My rheumy thinks that I might have fibro as well as Lupus but he says we won't know until I've been on the Plaquenil for longer to see if the pain responds to this. I thought I'd read somewhere that fibro doesn't respond to steroid treatment but I might be imagining this? Are there any other ways to distinguish Lupus and Fibro symptoms?

Sorry for all the questions...I'm very confused :rolleyes:!
Thank you!
Best wishes
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My sleep is ok although when my Lupus gets bad the pain makes my sleep quite disturbed. I can definitely say that I have pain in all of those trigger points but I also get pain in lots of other areas too (fingers, toes, ankles...well everywhere really :(). I reduced my steroid dose yesterday and I can hardly move today, I'm not sure whether it's the reduced dose or because I have a virus (I saw my GP today and he thinks I have a virus).

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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