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The treatment choices we have to make are ultimately ours to make, but without a doubt you should take your doctor's advice on the matter. Possibly multiple doctors opinions (like gynecologist and rheumatologist). There are so many factors to consider and weigh out - it's really hard to give advice on this one. Do you have very low grade dysplasia that is stable or is it high grade that has required treatment? How bad is your current lupus flare - are you able to do the minimum things you need to through the day?

I've not faced your specific dilemna, but I have just let flares pass without extra medication like prednisone. I have not found that I always need to start taking some extra pills to get through a flare. When a flare is really bad though and getting in the way of doing basic life care things and preventing me from really interacting with my daughter - that's when I am ready to start taking prednisone for a while. I don't work - so that is no longer an issue.

Whatever happens... I hope in the end you are comfortable with your decision & the flare passes soon.

PS I'm just like you too where my feet hurt something terrible in a bad flare & it's hard to walk on them. I have to stay in shoes or my indoor slippers at all times or it can be unbearable!
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