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Hi... getting kind of discouraged. Went to the rhuematologist over a week ago with severe muscle aches. They were mostly in my legs but kind of all over. He put me on prednisone for 10 days. Started on 20 mg...then tapered down to 5 mg. I go back this Friday.

Well, last Thursday, I had severe pain in my right knee. I was goofing around a bit with my preschool class (just dancing a bit). I did notice my left knee felt a bit stiff too but the right knee just killed. Went to my GP who thinks I may have torn a ligament.

Now I can barely bend both knees with the R still in severe pain whenever in a sitting position. I can lay or stand just wonderfully. LOL The rest of my muscle aches are better. Just my legs are shot.

Any thoughts? I've been diagnosed with UCTD. My rheumy did run blood work but the only thing that stood out, once again, was a positive p-anca. No positive ANA, sed rate was 7, WBC was a little high, as well as neutrophils which my GP says showed I do have inflammatory process going on; as usual.
I never have anything more than that. It's the p-anca that always has everyone puzzled.

I take plaquenil and mobic. My GP gave me Tylenol 3's cuz I hurt and didn't really want anything too strong.

Both my grandmother's had RA. I always test negative. Could this be an early indicator?

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