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hey there,

well its been quite some time since i was here in the sandbox with you all. the past several months have been stressful but there are some good things.
the stress started about a year ago. my friend from florida was in need of help so i told her she could stay with me until she can find a job and a place of her own. only three conditions, 1= find sustainable work, 2= no stress or drama and most of all 3 = stay sober, she is an alcoholic. well none of these conditions were met. it got ugly in a short period of time. everyday she was drinking...then the lies...then losing jobs after a week. the drama grew with her babbling and whineing of how everyone is against her. crying over things that happened 20yrs ago. her children don't speak to her because of her drinking and her basic mental faculities, she has issues and could use professional help. one nite it got so bad that i called my husband to come over cause i was about to kill her. well she went upstairs and when he got her we called her down. mind you he and i went thru this about once a week with assurances from her that things would change. well she was drunk she was nasty, and lying and then she got very disrespectful and i went ballistic i didn't know i could still move so fast and a lundged out of the chair and went after her (you can imagine what i was going to do). my husband grab me and had to restrain me, i was so angry and upset she was freaked out. i broke the remote control for the tv when i threw it at her. i swear i haven't been this upset in many many many years. well it never got any better and i actually called an ambulance and have her committed, that lasted three days so then the hospital and i made her go to rehab. that lasted about a minute as she arrived at rehab drunk which they won't take until you go into detox so she didn't go kicked her out on three different occasions but she always came back crying and drunk and her poor little puppy was shaking. well each time i caved but then i couldn't do it any longer. my health was suffering...badly. so finally kicked her out for good. she kept trying to come back but i have stood my ground.

the only good thing that came from this was that i was so sick and my neuro issues were beginning to be more noticable so we decided to try another treatment. i am now having IViG treatments. its been about six months and i seem to be feeling better. i can clean my own house (which is good since my last maid fired me..i'm picky) i can only do one or two things a day but its much better than i use to be. so i think this is a good thing.

i'm really sorry that i have been away so long. between the drama and my usual sad and pitiful life and marriage. i felt like such a downer all the time whing about my life and my strange marital status, which hasn't really changed so i thought i should give everyone a break. i miss all of you and reading your thoughts and problems or to share in good news. i'm sorry i missed all the special hi to them.
i hope you will forgive me. the site has changed abit. i can't seem to use my fonts, size, and color or smilies so any help in that would be appreciated. hope you all will respond and let me know what going on.

hugs and kisses

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Welcome back spellbinder,

Well well, you have been through it haven't you!!

It sounds like the "kicking out" of that friend was very long overdue. I know that a lot of people seem to expect everyone to be highly "virtuous" (is that even the right word?) and be so kind to everyone and fix everyone else's problems but, at the end of the day, there really are times that you have to put you, number 1, first!!

I think that last is especially true if you suffer from a chronic disease and if not doing that is actually going to impact on your health.

I really hope that your new treatment continues to have such a good effect and that you don't take in any more strays (except perhaps a needy puppy :)).

I'm not good on techy stuff so don't know why you'd have any trouble with smilies etc. As for colour, best to keep it black on the forum anyway as it is easier to read for a lot of member who can't read the coloured fonts easily. I certainly find them very tiring when I'm having cognitive problems.

bye for now,

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Hi Spellbinder,

It is great to have you back. I have often wondered how you were doing. I am glad to hear the IVIG treatments have improved your status somewhat. Hopefully they will continue to be beneficial for you.

Believe me you did your friend a favor by kicking her out. Allowing her to continue on as before was just enabling her. I know it had to be difficult for you to do since you are such a caring person.

Take care,

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Spell Binder,
Hi and welcome back, it seems you had enough to handle while you were away. Maybe things will settle down for you and you will feel better soon. I am sorry you had to go through all of this. If she was a friend she would of kept up her end of the agreement. I know it is hard when drinking is involved but she could of tried harder. I am glad you had a place to vent and we are here for you if you need us.
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