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Hi Shelly:

In some ways you're just like me. I have had CFIDS since 1998. I have hypothyroid. My white count has always been low. In January it was 2.3 and now last week it dropped to 2.1. My ANA has always been positive. It fluctuated between 160 and 320 and now it's gone up to 640--have no idea why? The patterens always fluctuates like yours--speckled and homogeneous. I have the rash on face, neck and chest. The rheumy said it's a connective tissue.

My Lupus still came back negative from about 4 yrs ago when I had it done last. I just saw the rheumy last week and asked him if this rash looks like rosacea or lupus? He said he's pointing more toward lupus. So I don't know.

Does anyone know how they figure it out?

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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