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Stranger in my own body and today I fell for no reason

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Not diagnosed yet, but everything seems to be pointing in the lupus direction. I had a strange incident this morning that scared me. Was going out to the barn to feed the horses and was carrying Clara in my right arm as I normally do. Still not sure entirely what happened, but I went to step on the last step/landing on the back steps with my left leg and next thing I know I'm flying through the air trying to figure out how now to drop, roll on, or hurt Clara. I managed it and must have done a good job rolling to avoid her because she was like "Wwwwheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and starting laughing as I got my bearings. All I can figure is that my left knee just buckled and/or gave out on me. I totally didn't see or feel it coming until I was falling. I know my knee hit the last step because it has some nice scrapes on it. *sigh* I think I should probably call the doctor and let her know what happened. We diagnosed arthritis in that knee, but never did do an MRI to see check for ligament damage.

The brain fog is different, but still awful. I can't remember ****. I'm even having trouble talking. I said to Clara, "oooh, look at the orange tree." In my head I said "ooh, look at the red tree." Stupid stuff like that. December 1st can't come fast enough so I can see the rheumatologist.

I just am so frustrated by being tired, having my body betray me, and not knowing or having anything definitie right now because I can't be seen until December 1st. Guess mostly I just wanted to vent a little. Hubby asked if Clara was ok, but I don't remember him asking if I was alright. *sigh*
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I am glad you were able to keep Clara safe. How is your knee now? I would definitely let your doctor know about the incident. If it keeps happening call in and see if you can get a cancelation appointment.

Take care,
Hello there,

I haven't come across your posts before but as soon as I saw your screen name I knew you had to have horses! :)

That must have been rather frightening. It is odd how our bodies can sometimes do these slightly odd things to us and it must seem far too long to your next appointment right now. I hope it's just one of those things and is a one off.

I have had one or two wobbles from time to time but thankfully have never really fallen (or I've fallen against something and remained upright). I don't know how old Clara is but I have to say that my boys had to learn to not be carried from very young. I used to have terrible back problems (before all this started) and I just couldn't carry them. If I was like I am now, I also know it would be safer. I sometimes wobble into the dog (no wonder he doesn't want to heel properly) but that's all.

here's hoping it doesn't happen again, sending hugs for you :hug: and plenty of pats and carrotts for the horses.

Clara is 8 1/2 months old and not walking yet. I hang on to something when descended stairs with her in tow from now on. Tried calling doctor today, but they are closed for Columbus Day. Tomorrow I guess. Knee is a little sore, but what else is new?

I was most freaked out because I am not a small gal and falling on a 16 pound baby would NOT be good. Thankfully, I was an athlete all through college so I'm pretty good at falling how I want to. The scary thing was that there was NO warning. One second I'm walking and the next thing I know I'm already halfway to the ground. No pop. No pain. No warning. Just falling. It worked out ok this time, but if there is a next time. Eek. I hate to be an alarmist, but I don't think most people are just falling down without reason. When my ankle gives out or I roll it on a pebble then I know why I almost fell down. This was just upright one second and halfway to the ground the next. At least the little one is safe and she actually thought it was fun, like flying. Goofball. At least I didn't tramautize her. Thanks for the support. It helps.

Oh, and I'm loving the new floater in my left eye too. Just off center in my vision. Notice it the most when I'm on the computer. Lovely. The new rash/bumps on my chest are nice too. But it's probably all just in my head. :umm:
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Bet you will be glad when you get to see the rheumy, dont worry about the blable that comes out of your mouth i do this too, but please write it all down, when i say dont worry i mean tell the rheumy everything, keep a Diary glad the baby is ok, and all the best hun ..

Lin xxxxxxxxxxx
Sorry to hear about your troubles. I can empathize not that that it can ease your troubles a leg giving out is scary and it's only happened four times in 5 years but I still am aware of it every time I go to stand. With the floater and brain fog (have you been checked for seizures) it sounds like you could be in a flare which is the best time to get your blood tests/lupus workup done. If your dr is closed go to a walkin place and ask for a CBC or CMP and see your GP when they return. Blood work is so tricky and changes quickly I've learned. I hope you feel better soon bless you for keeping busy and taking care of yourself and your animals.
The sad news is that I've been in a flare for months and months. The inital bloodwork was taken in a flare. That was the initial fact finding mission trying to figure out anything. That was when the ANA test came back positive.

I talked to doctor today about the knee and fall and they referred me to an ortho. Will call them tomorrow to get an appointment.

Forgot to mention the floater. *sigh*
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