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stress and life

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I think this is about whinning but then I am not sure
in the last two and half weeks. my best friend passed away, then last week another friend, then yesterday my Uncle
with the stress of Christmas and holidays and losing two of my best friends, I just needed to talk to someone. and being here for five years means a sercurity blanket where I can express myself.

my best friend was my venting partner, so I cant tell her how much I miss her. and ask her what I am suppposed to do without her. that is so selfish, wishing she was here to ask her advice

I know she would be saying , give yourself a kick and get on with it
love can be painful but I would never wantt to have missed her friendship
even if this is the pain you feel when they are gone
is there a hidden message in this text. perhaps it is way of saying good-bye to her from here

God Bless my deepest friend
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Dear ((((((((Carol))))))))

Im sure your friend would be very proud of the fact that you posted here about how much you loved her. I think losing a best friend must be one of the hardest losses to bear. Best friends are not easy to come by and finding one is a privilege. On top of that you are also having to come to terms with other beareavements :sad:

There is never a good time to lose anyone we love but its particularly hard during the holiday season. Its hard to 'deck the halls' and cope with so much cheeriness when we are suffering inside.

Much love and strength at this difficult time. My heart goes out to you
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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