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Not sure where to post this but here goes, my daughter started working at the ******** hotel in ****** a while back working Saturdays and Sundays which suited her down to the ground,unfortunatly with the credit crunch she went into work on Sat for her shift and after an hour was summoned to the office to be told her job had come to an end, this she was not bothered about but the human resources lady told her to remove their t shirt which left her in her bra and then asked her were her trousers belonging to the hotel,luckily they had not supplied these but she had to show them that she bought them from Matalan, they then escorted her from the building telling her they wanted the other t shirt back but if she set foot on the premises she would be done for tresspassing.It took an hour before she could be picked up at this she was frozen and in a bit of a state as she was treated like a criminal.
We have sent an E mail to their head office, as had my daughter decided not to wear a bra and the trousers belonged to them she only had a waist jacket to come home in.
She has taken this to papers etc as it was very degrading for her.
Sorry for rant but i am very annoyed at her treatment.
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Wow, I am appalled. I hope she has witnesses who will back her up. I also hope she finds a job where they treat her better. I fully agree this should be publicised.
x Lola
Hi Lola

LolaLola;529142 said:
Wow, I am appalled. I hope she has witnesses who will back her up. I also hope she finds a job where they treat her better. I fully agree this should be publicised.
x Lola
Yes she was very lucky as they escorted her out the back and luckily some lads were outside having a cigarette, she opened her jacket to let them see what this girl from human resources had made he do,she has had a lot of response from people who are appalled at how she was treated.This is the first time anything like this has happened and i hope it is the last,as she is still terribly upset.
We have sent e mails to as many organisations as possible in the hope that they do something about the way young girls are treated with people who obviously get these positions and abuse their authority.
Thanks for responding it helps to talk about it.

I do not know how things work in the UK but here in the US that is absolute grounds for a major lawsuit. That is a complete and total invasion of her civil rights.

If it were my daughter I would be finding a very good, well known attorney right now.

I am appalled at the treatment she received and I can bet that she is not the only person who was treated like a criminal.

I am sure others were and then it can be a class action law suit. I would go after them for every cent they have!!!!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
I am back and just steaming over this.:mad::mad::mad:

Along with going to the news papers she should contact local TV stations that would just love to take her story and then call the UK division of civil rights too.

I am literally sitting her stewing over the way they treated her.:eek:
I would wipe the floor with the madam who did that to her....she should check her title....send her over here I'm in a stinking mood and need somone to take it out on:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

I hope you cause a big stink for them.Good luck....take em to court......


I'm so appalled and do hope your daughter has recovered from that humiliating event and takes some sweet revenge!

Not only is it an invasion of her civil rights its also bordering (if not totally) sexual abuse!

I hope the person in question gets instant dismissal and that your daughter fights for compensation for the ordeal!

Take care!

Crikey!!! That is appalling! You did well to share the story as that sort of thing musn't go unoticed :mad:

What a crazy world we live in :wall:
Still, I'm sure in a few years she'll look back on it and laugh even if it is obviously totally unacceptable.

I am actually gob smacked. :eek: who the **** do these people think they are:mad:
please do not stop at the papers, this is sexual harrasment and someone should be made to pay for the despicable way your daughter has been treated.

Elle x
Thanks everyone

Once again i want to thank everyone who read this and responded as this is exactly what we wanted,was for this ******* hotel to be noted for what they are.
My daughter is still upset and we are not going to let this lie down and be forgotten.After xmas we are going to put this in motion and get legal advice.
My daughter cannot afford to go to a solicitor but we will be going to citizens advice bureau.
I am just glad that xmas is upon us as the children are cheering her up waiting for santa.
I will keep everyone informed as to what happens in the meantime i would like to wish everyone a lovely Xmas and all the best for 2009.
Lovefrom Sandy
Dear Sandy, Do wish her all the best from me. If there is anything I can do, anyone I can e mail or whatever just let me know. I would be in kill mode if this had happened to my Daughter. Just make sure she doesn't feel in any way ashamed, this is one case where the blame really needs to go firmly where it belongs!

Hope you have a lovely time,
x Lola
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