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stupid lung infection, plus anemia .....

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I have come down with a stupid ikky lung infection, so am off work for a few days. I also had the results of my full blood count come back - my rbc has continued to drop, and my ferritin is way down, so it now seems highly likely I am bleeding from somewhere in my gut. I have been referred for a gastrophy. I haven't had a period in 10 years (premature menopause due to cytoxan) and I am a meat eater, so the docs are saying that it's most likely that I am loosing blood from my gut. I have had pretty awful problems with stomach/medications despite taking bucket loads of ppi's, ranitidine, maxolon etc.

Oh well, the annoying thing is that I can't start taking my iron until I have got over this infection (not sure why, I should have asked).

On the up side I have got FABULOUS new splints that have a thumb piece on them so I now have a thumb index finger pincher grip again. YAY ! My thumb has drifted right under my hand so I haven't had a thumb/index finger pincher grip for a while.


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Hi Raglet

I am so sorry to hear you are so ill right now((((hugs)))).I sure hope they get your infection taken care of and real soon to.I defiantely hope that you get right into a gastro and get the bleeding taken care of that sounds kind of scareyPlease keep us updated on what the doctors find out whats going on.

Hi Raglet,

I hope the gastro doctor finds the cause of your bleeding. With everything else you have going on the last thing you need are stomach problems.

Your new splint sounds interesting. My right thumb travels under my right palm also. I keep working at forcing it in the right direction, but some days it gets the better of me.

I hope your lung infection clears quickly.

Take care,
Dear Raglet

I'm very sorry the stomach situation has got so bad and hope the lung infection will clear up soon. I'm glad the splints are helpful though. I hope they can get the tum and anemia sorted out soon- the anemia is so debilitating on top of everything else.

BTW Why can't you take iron until it is clear.

Many hugs
Hi Raglet,

I hope that that referral doesn't take as long as some you have had. It sounds like sooner would be better than later here.

It's good news about the splints, that should help a lot,

Clare - silly me I didn't ask why not, and I have tried to google it and come up with long detailed high brow articles about the interaction of infection and ferritin, and I am just now up to the challenge (not well enough - least that's my excuse and I am sticking to it).

The thing that really makes me shudder is that tomorrow is my daughters birthday, and I have promised to take her and her friend to Rainbows End for the day (a local theme park). I had arranged to have most of the day off work, but honestly I feel so ick I don't know how I will make it, but I will have to. I can always leave them to it and snooze in the back seat of the car (makes mental note to self to take blanket and pillow).

Pity we don't have a camper van I could take with me .....


ok, I googled using some more simple words (iron pills and infection, instead of ferritin and infection) and got some more simple results......

Iron supplements are contraindicated in persons suffering from an infection. Bacteria and other pathogens often require iron to grow and therefore iron supplements may worsen an infection.


Hi Raglet
Are you OK on Iron pills? Have you taken them before?

I only ask because I can take pred, plaq, and NSAIDS without any trouble but Iron (ferrous sulphate) gave my awful stomach upsets.
Good luck and I hope your trip to the theme park is better than you expect.
:hug:Dear Raglet, i do hope the r can help your tum problems lovey, i think you have had your fair share of late

big ((((((((hugs))))))))))) thinking of you Lin xxxxxxxxx
hi BigSis

that is what I have been wondering about - I LOATHE iron pills because they make me feel sick. I have been taken off various of my meds and my plaq has been halved etc to help with my tummy problems. Then they stick me on iron - I guess I can only try. I have to take it though else I will end up pretty sick so fingers crossed I do ok on it.


Hi Raglet,

I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly:(. And also the worry about a gastric bleed doesn't sound nice:(. Or the investigations for it either for that matter.

Coincidentally I was browsing through a book about how some illnesses prevent other illnesses. The author made the point that the anaemia/iron deficiency of several populations is the reason they have survived diseases like TB and malaria. She also said that in the great plague, the people with haematchromatosis (who ironically have low iron in their macrophages apparently) were much more likely to survive the plague. As a result of repeated generations of plague, the european population has developed a very high incidence of haematochromatosis or the genes for it. Just a bit of trivia :wink2:
Hi raglet,
Just curious how you are feeling after the day in the park???
Im am also currently fighting anemia(they don't have a clue as to why?)
I am having a cystoscopy because I do bleed from my bladders, but it is not enough I am sure. I am with you on the whole iron supplememts, but if you can pls take them.:)
Cath, very informative and I feel good about now coming down with the plague:lol:

I am pretty tired after my day out - actually it was only an afternoon which made it more manageable. But, despite the lung infection, I had a blast and went on many rides. I skipped the big roller coaster this time as I then need about 6 sessions of physiotherapy to undo the damage, so I have to REALLY REALLY want to go on it, and I was just too tired. It is a corkscrew one, so all that upside down loops just does my neck in. The girls went on it though.

It was very funny though - I was with my daughter and her friend who live with us, well the friend (has cerebral palsy) and I got in at the disability rate, while my daughter was also half price as our caregiver. Which really cracked us up, as my daughter is high functioning autistic, so really, who is going to be looking after who, hahaha. But we had to have a caregiver, which was a little insane, as we don't really need one. I have experienced this half price thing while travelling, but this was the first time i have met it at home.

We went on lots of stuff - pirate ship, carts, log ride (twice, I love it, its a water ride), the small roller coaster x3 (kids when on the big one as well), dodgems etc - the kids did a few extra stuff that I skipped (the totally terrifying stuff).

My infection is doing ok, I don't think the trip out did it any real harm and it did my daughter especially a lot of good. We managed to skip the rush hour traffic on the way home which was really good, as then a half hour journey turns into an hour and a half.


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Raglet;525251 said:
On the up side I have got FABULOUS new splints that have a thumb piece on them so I now have a thumb index finger pincher grip again. YAY ! My thumb has drifted right under my hand so I haven't had a thumb/index finger pincher grip for a while.



Raglet, hope you feel better soon. I have to say that adding the splint to the rest of your equipment you must look pretty intimadating. I think the Terminator would think twice before tangling with you. Sending you some virtual chiken soup to bring the strength to fit the image.

I love the water rides too.:) Especially on a very hot day.:wink2:

I went on a regular roller coaster ride just once.(was in the last car) I closed my eyes :scare: I couldn't watch.:notlook: Then my legs felt like cook rubbery noodles when I finally got off that ride. That was my last roller coaster ride.:p

I am glad you got to go and had a great time with your daughter and her friend. I hope you are getting some rest and will soon be on the mend from your lung infection.

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