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I began experiencing photosensitivity resulting in horrid skin rashes in my mid-thirties. A few years later a podiatrist prescribed Lamisil for a rash on my toes. My rash worsened and spread all over my body. A dermatologist diagnosed my rash as drug-induced subacute cutaneous lupus caused by the Lamisil. I went to see an internist after my symptoms were gone and he told me that I still tested ANA positive but not to worry unless I had another outbreak of the rash. I am having another outbreak. I quickly saw a local doctor and he told me he thought the rash was being caused externally. I am not a doctor and scLE is hard to diagnose, but the rash has come back, it looks just like picures I have seen on the internet pertaining to chilblain and scLE. I am so tired of the runaround! What kind of doctor can help me the most? An internist? A dermatologist? Am I crazy? Why can't anyone seem to give me a straight answer?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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